Wager Swayne

Bounty hunter


Age: 46
Hair Color: ?
Eye Color: ?
Skin Tone: ?
Height: ?
Weight: ?

Homeworld: Branson’s Mark

Known Contacts:

Character Quotes:

  • “Example here”

Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Wrath
Concept: Bounty Hunter


Intelligence 2 | Wits 3 | Resolve 2
Strength 2 | Dex 3 | Stamina 2
Presence 2 | Manipulation 2 | Composure 2


Crafts 1 (Specialty: Demolition) | Investigation 2 | Medicine 1
Athletics 1 | Brawl 1 | Firearms 4 (Specialty: Pistol) | Stealth 2 | Survival 1 | Weaponry 2 (Specialty: 2 Weapon Style)
Intimidation 2 | Persuasion 1 | Streetwise 2 | Subterfuge 2


Resources 2 | Ship 1 | Quick Draw 1 | Ambidextrous 3

Addiction (stimulants)
  • 2X Heckler & Koch MP5s | Damage: 2L | Range: 20/40/80 | Capacity: 15+1 |Strength: 2 (3/4/5) | Size: 1/L (See WoD Armory pg. 61)
  • Dragon Skin® Vest | Rating 2 (general) /4 (ballistic) – Also converts all lethal to bashing | Strength 1 | Defense 0 | Speed 0 | Cost ••••• (See WoD Sourcebook, pg. 166)

Health: 8
Willpower: 4
Morality: 7
Size: 5
Speed: 10
Defense: 3
Initiative Mod: 5
Experience: 0


The woman who would become known as Wager Swayne was born Antonia Elizabeth Ford on Branson’s Mark, in 2472. She grew up the oldest of six children, her family humble horse ranchers.

Antonia was a child content enough with the day-to-day chores of the homestead life. Before the Unification War, she saw herself raising horses just as her family had done for generations. She was a tough, no-nonsense tomboy who had no fear of bullies or men who thought themselves bigger than her. When her mother died giving birth to her littlest brother, Antonia found herself the unofficial matriarch of the house at 16. Heartbroken but determined to never show weakness in front of siblings who needed her, she took up the responsibility with aplomb.

Antonia was extremely close to her littlest brother Nathaniel and cared for him like a second mom.

Even when he was very young, Nathaniel was always more passionate about the world than any of his brothers and sisters. He read voraciously, argued and debated even more than he read and from an early age had a firm grasp of fairness. He simply had a difficult time reconciling his view of justice with how the Verse actually spun. Everyone believed Nathaniel would grow up to become a very successful lawyer.

By the time Nathaniel was 18 and Antonia 34, Nathaniel had become consumed with the righteous cause of the Independents. Without telling anyone else, Nathaniel enlisted with the Browncoats. When Antonia found out, she was furious with him and begged him to stay. He was adamant about his choice. With her other siblings taken up with their lives and families, Antonia took it upon herself to enlist with him, fearing that if she wasn’t as close as his shadow, his foolishness would get him killed.

At first she was sure her brother’s crusade would bring him nothing but misery. But as she graduated boot camp and worked the front lines with him, she grew to understand. The Alliance was a deeply totalitarian empire, rife with secrets, injustice and lies. How it treated its people was nothing short of criminal. By the battle of New Kashmir, she was as much a believer in the Independent cause as her brother. Sadly, by the winter of that year, Nathaniel was killed in action.

Antonia, determined to make sure her brother had not died in vain, continued the fight in his memory.

She served out the rest of the war as a Demolitions Specialist in the 57th Overlanders/Balls & Bayonets Brigade, under the command of Colonel Orbrin. Antonia quickly earned a reputation as a sharp, calculating, no-nonsense soldier. As the war dragged on, Antonia first encountered her platoon commander, Sgt. Reynolds, at the Battle of Du-Khang. She initially found him useless, reckless and brash… a brazen loudmouth who would likely get them all killed before the Purple-bellies ever fired a shot.

By the time she fought beside him in Serenity Valley, she wouldn’t have hesitated to take a bullet for Malcolm Reynolds. He was a good man and a strong leader who was more broken by their defeat than anyone else in their platoon.

After Serenity Valley and the surrender on Unification Day, the war ended for most.

But not for Antonia. Her hatred of the Alliance, and all that it had brought her, knew no end. She joined the Dust Devils, a ragtag collection of Browncoat terrorists, lead by Admiral Roland Sharpe. Determined to continue holding the Alliance accountable, they staged various bombings throughout the central planets, trying to shatter the Alliance’s utopian deceit to its core.

Unfortunately it never worked. Sharpe was eventually killed by Alliance operatives. And as Antonia began to see that they weren’t shaking anyone out of apathy, she gave up her soldiering ways and tried to settle down as a bodyguard and bouncer on the planet of Paquin.

Her Dust Devil days soon caught up with her. A mysterious bounty hunter by the name of Wager Swayne began tracking her every move, in hopes of claiming the substantial reward the Alliance still kept on Antonia’s head.

In an epic confrontation, Antonia managed to fight and kill Wager Swayne. Knowing there would be others to follow, she decided to steal Wager Swayne’s identity and take up his life of a bounty hunter, hoping to claim her own bounty if she could.

She’s been living the lie for a year now, in hopes this might give her the fresh start that she needs.

Wager Swayne

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