The Oiorpata


Charlotte du Bois formed a colony of spies and warriors, many of whom are disgruntled Companions or have become disillusioned with the Alliance. Together, they’ve molded an independent Border town that operates free and clear from any guvmint interests. The women there regard Charlotte as their “queen-mother,” and few folk refer to du Bois by her real name.

The Oiorpata have their own blood in, blood out joining ceremonies; once you’re a member, you are a member for life. After this ceremony, the novice warriors are trained how to do professional kills along with infiltration, combat, and squad tactics. As long as the Alliance believes that Charlotte is dead, no one will ever be allowed to leave the colony. The only way out is to die.

Aella, Calliope, Wisteria: From early on, the few girls who are born into the colony are trained in combat, including how to handle a bow and arrow and bladed weapons. Charlotte created a new martial art for the Oiorpata that emphasizes self-defense, teamwork, and mastery of weapons. In addition to learning these skills, the younger members of the Oiorpata are expert horse riders and tamers, skills most Companions would be envious of.

Okyale, Melousa, Clete: Older ladies may join the Sisters at any point in their lives. This particular sect within the community developed on its own, in response to wayward souls like Melousa finding their way into Charlotte’s community. For their initiation, these survivors had to kill the man who abused them. Be he father, brother, or husband, they ended that part of their life and have no particular trust of men. This serves two purposes: first, it means new recruits have cause to remain under the Alliance’s radar and second, it forges a commonality between the adults that wasn’t there before.

Atlanta: Charlotte raised her protégé, Atalanta, like the daughter she never had. Atlanta is the daughter of a high-ranking Alliance colonel and a Browncoat rebel who fell in love during the final days of the War. Their forbidden romance led to her abandonment, and Atlanta was sent off to an Independent-run orphanage near Ithaca. Chance brought the two together, for Charlotte was ordered to infiltrate the facility and burn it to the ground. Unable to do so, du Bois took the child under her care, and saw to it that all the other babies found homes, too. These days Charlotte screens clients and jobs, training her ladies in the art of infiltration and intelligence gathering. She is friendly to a point, but even Charlotte knows she’ll have to face her one day, but for now? Both ignore the inevitable.

The Oiorpata

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