Tag: Kalidasa system


  • Beaumonde

    [[File:352442 | class=media-item-align-none | 500px-City-on-beaumonde.png]] The heavily industrialized planet of Beaumonde is the manufacturing hub of the system. Its cities are surrounded by factories that produce everything from computer parts to …

  • Beylix

    [[File:352383 | class=media-item-align-none | Beylix_pic.png]] While the planet has many large farming communities, Beylix has the distinction of being the system’s garbage dump (make that “reclamation and recycling center”). The scrap yards and …

  • Newhall

    Newhall is a newly-terraformed planet with large oceans. Stands to reason that water is the planet’s primary commodity. Newhall’s people live on small island chains or on floating stations on the oceans. Newhall’s water plants are always in need of …

  • Djinn's Bane

    * Name: Djinn’s Bane * Position: 18th, orbits Xuan Wu * Moon(s): Illat (Un-terraformed), Hilal, Hubal (Un-terraformed), Sin (Quarantined), Ta’lab, Wadd * System: Kalidasa * Capital: Ibn Yunus * Est. Population: 108 million