Name: Sihnon
Position: 4th, orbits Heinlein
System: Red Sun
Capital: Sudder
Towns: Buckner, Kane’s Vale, Breakwall Shelf, Icehouse, Cidon, Centeridge Docks, Forrestline, Devil’s Jaw, Garner Heights, Bonemachine
Est. Population: 744 million
Access Level: OPEN

  • Beggar’s Tin // Beggar’s Tin features a large polar ice cap and rich mineral reserves. Both were heavily tapped during initial terraforming but remain viable. // Population: 377,000 // Access – OPEN
  • IAV Depot SH175 // UAP orbital supply depots were in common use during the war. These were often retired and left for local use. SH175 is currently abandoned // Access – OPEN

Industrial_City_by_JJasso.jpgSilverhold is an excellent example of the new Rim economy. Rich natural resources and a booming postwar workforce have resulted in a wide variety of industries taking hold. Silver is still mined here, as are aluminium, copper and titanium. The world also has a good amount of arable land, with farms, open meadows or dense forests. The colonies here have a frontier feeling to them, with both wealth and poverty in evidence. The Miner’s Guild controls most of the mines and provides good income for those who work them.

As with much commerce on the Rim, a strong and subtle sense of individualism is apparent among Silverhold’s businesses. They tend to be as tight-lipped with governmental agencies as they are open with their employees and clients. This attitude forges strong bonds with local patrons, many of whom carry similar traits left over from the War.

The Glücklich-Jiá Company is the largest of these local businesses. Originally a low-cost weapons manufacturer, the company has branched out into food, textiles and transportation. Their Bullfrog light-bulk transport is becoming increasingly popular for short cargo runs.

Devil’s Jaw on Silverhold, an enormous ridged canyon, was the site of one of the largest terraforming accidents in the Rimward push. Thousands of surviving colonists gathered in a natural cave network, waited until the fallout subsided and managed to restart the processors before any help arrived.


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