Name: Shadow
Position: 3rd, orbits Murphy
System: Georgia
Capital: ??
Towns: Reclamation Hub 01, Reclamation Hub 02, Reclamation Hub 03, Reclamation Hub 04, Reclamation Hub 05, Reclamation Hub 06
Est. Population: 13,300 (reclamation)
Access Level: RESTRICTED

  • Branson’s Mark (Fundamentalist Jonah Caesar Branson founded a religious commune after purchasing Shadow’s second moon in 2483. Largely abandoned during the war, Branson still runs the collective today) // PRIVATE
  • Ossolambria (Ossolambria is a source of high-quality ores and is populated exclusively by mining colonies) // OPEN
  • Summerfair (Largely untouched during the war, Summerfair continues its prewar role as a modest supplier of goods for Border & Rim homesteaders) // OPEN
  • I.A.V. Beobachter Enforcement Platform (The Alliance tracks all incoming and outgoing traffic. Vessels without official landing permits may be disabled by the orbital IAV Beobachter)

In 2506, the Alliance was eager to bring the War for Unification to a quick end. They hoped a massive show of force on a single Independent-friendly world would dispirit the faction and prevent further bloodshed.

The world they chose was Shadow.

Wasteland.jpgPrimarily agricultural, Shadow was decimated by ground troops and orbital bombardment. Scorched earth and chemically poisoned seas left the world a toxic, lifeless waste.

Parliament chose not to reinvest in a full atmosphere processor network. Instead a small group of Reclamation Hubs have been deployed. Extending deep underground, these Hubs do limited preparatory terraforming while mining some of the richest ore veins in Allied space.

Shadow’s moon Summerfair was largely bypassed during the conflict. When rumors of imminent Alliance action rose, some Shadow citizens used what little time they had to evacuate to Summerfair. The influx bolstered the moon’s burgeoning economy. Today, Summerfair is a mid-scale provider of weapons, textiles and general supplies to the Rim.


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