Name: Persephone
Position: 2nd, orbits Lux
Moon(s): Hades (Quarantined), Renao
System: White Sun
Capital: Themis? Demeter?
Towns: Eavesdown Docks, Jadent’s Gap, Sklatornum, Revolosia, Gateway Docks, Ashlake, Badwater, Robin’s Nest Docks, Josaleen, Boa Sheng, Wayfare Docks, Eva de Caramanno, Red Ng, Malachi, Chriseda, Alisen Downs, Roonston, Summit Docks, UAP Transport Hub
Est. Population: 3.5 billion
Access Level: OPEN

  • Hades (Nearing completion and populated solely by terraforming crews, Hades is in stage 9 of the Dokia Planetary Engineering Scale) // RESTRICTED
  • Renao (All land masses on Renao are privately owned with the exception of an equatorial Alliance base island. The UAP retains water and mineral rights for the moon’s oceans) // RESTRICTED


As one might expect from a planet that serves as a major port to and from the five clusters, Persephone has specialized infrastructure to help facilitate almost all forms of personal travel and cargo hauling.

The planet’s port system has a complex process for tariffs, taxes and other fees levied on vessels and cargo. The Trader’s Guild maintains bureaus in most ports to assist member merchants with fee disputes.

The Alliance maintains peacekeeping troops in wealthy areas such as Demeter and Chriseda, helping ensure smooth passage and strict adherence to regulations. Less affluent cities often host a large criminal element, with some essentially being run by gangs or other illicit organizations. It is wise to be aware of such criminal groups, as it is likely that independent traders outside of UAP and Blue Sun shipping fleets will encounter them to some degree.

Persephone itself is an interesting mix of people and cultures. The world’s environment is much like Earth-That-Was: desert, rainforest, plains, tundra, and such. While not as heavily populated as the worlds of the Core, Persephone still seems a very big place to those from the Rim. Persephone has a tradition-oriented aristocracy, a small but thriving middle class, a fair share of the poor and desperate, and a shadowy underworld.

The Eavesdown Docks is the largest spaceport on Persephone. Even folk who think themselves hotshot pilots are confused now and again by its chaotic layout. (And woe to the new pilot trying to make his way to a dock for the first time!) Ships often touch down only a few yards from street vendors selling cheap goods to the crews and potential passengers.

The docks are situated in the poor section of town (the nobles and other rich folk have their own private airfields), but it’s just a short drive or a long walk to the business district—in which just about anything in the ‘Verse can be bought for the right price. The docks are home to several criminal “lords,” who collect illegal salvage, move contraband off-world and have hundreds of other ways to make quick, if not Alliance-approved, easy cash. A good crew with a flyable ship could make good coin here, so long as their morals aren’t overly high and they don’t mind avoiding the Feds.

Not far away is a famous racetrack that is home to a famous derby that brings in folk from throughout the system (not to mention the throngs of Cortex-viewers), offering a huge cash prizes to the winning horse. Like the horses, the aristocracy of Persephone all lay claim to a pedigree. Then again, anyone with the right stack of coin can purchase his own lordship, what with its fancy sash and all. Noble families live on large estates, attending to business, dancing at opulent balls, playing golf or tennis, and settling matters of honor in formal duels.

Persephone is an impressive cross-section of humanity, which is just another way to say that it’s a world with an over abundance of opportunity and danger.


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