the judicial planet


Name: Osiris
Position: 5th, orbits White Sun
System: White Sun
Capital: Capital City
Towns: Theophrastus, Tanis Docks, University of Osiris, Middlewerk, Mayapore Docks, Bi Tai Yang City, Jasper Grove, Haldiratown, Bennu’mas, Don Stown, Ra’s Blessing, Pankot, Gateway Link, Rosetta, UAP Transport Hub, New Suez, Rossi-Bastet, Brunwald Docks, Black Lotus, Deshret
Est. Population: 3.98 billion
Access Level: OPEN (Blue Sun areas RESTRICTED)

  • Epueva // Nicknamed the Jeweler’s Moon, Epeuva offers luxury resorts, spas and entertainment) // Population: 2.9 million/ Access – OPEN
  • Tannhauser // This small moon boasts an experimental ‘core-siphon’ system designed to extract energy from a planet’s internal processes// Population: 177,000 // Access – RESTRICTED
  • Blue Sun Skyplex // Restricted sections include corporate officers’ suites and Blue Sun’s private network hub // Access – PARTIALLY RESTRICTED
  • Blue Sun Asset B // Registered simply as an artificial satellite, this is largely assumed to be an R&D facility. The only traffic is a secure monthly shuttle from Blue Sun headquarters // Access – RESTRICTED BY DEADLY FORCE


“Law begins at Osiris” or so the saying goes. Osiris is the home of the Alliance’s legislative and judicial branches, where parliamentary law is debated and interpreted. The most influential law firms and universities are located here and many of Parliament’s most powerful members call this planet home.

Osiris is also home to another major power in the Alliance, the Blue Sun Corporation. Blue Sun is the system’s largest conglomerate — a provider of everything from food products and travel services to communications technology and spacecraft. Blue Sun Relations forms the single largest lobbying organization in the legislature.

Originally on Sihnon, they were recently moved into a massive structure that is attached to a combined manufacturing plant, distribution center, and spacedock. The Corporation complex is off-limits to everyone except employees. No one enters, even on business, without first undergoing a thorough background check. The very latest in security systems makes this complex nigh impossible to break into.

Landing on Osiris is restricted, though not as heavily as some planets (just so long as you don’t go near Blue Sun). If you claim you need to see your lawyer, you’ll usually be permitted to set down. University students and their parents are always welcome.

Blue Sun also provides the backbone of Osiris’ thriving shipwright industry. The company produces some of the Alliance’s largest vessels through their subsidiary, the Allied Spacecraft Corporation. A large subcontractor economy is based on work available through ASC.


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