Boros_Ares_Alliance_orbital_shipyard2.jpgAres, one of Boros’ moons, is home to Iskellian’s primary military shipyards. It’s no wonder then, that the planet is crawling with all manner of government agents and bureaucrats and military folk. Ares is restricted to Alliance personnel and Iskellian technicians. However, anyone who travels near to Boros can lay eyes on the Alliance cruisers being built in orbit around Ares. There are usually five cruisers in production at any one time, since it takes roughly six years to complete one.

A full battalion of Alliance troops is barracked here, as the moon is a target for terrorist attacks and corporate raiders seeking the newest technology. Few ever manage to penetrate this perimeter, as the Alliance is more vigilant here than anywhere outside the Core.

The planet Boros is not as industrialized as Beaumonde. It has a lot of prairie land where you find sprawling ranches and farms. Boros’ cities have some factories that manufacture goods, though the products are meant mostly to be used on the planet.

The major industry of Boros is scrap metal. Parts that didn’t meet the Alliance’s rigorous standards, castoffs, damaged parts, and plain old junk find their way from Ares to Boros. Smaller and less reputable tech-companies hoping to pick up the scraps of Alliance contracts keep outlets on Boros. Small wonder that folk see Boros as a good place to find parts for almost anything, often at a good price. Better still, the planet has few landing restrictions.

Ares is, of course, off-limits unless you can prove that you have a damn good reason to be there. Assuming the patrolling Alliance doesn’t just shoot you first to be on the safe side.



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