Name: Bellerophon
Position: 10th, orbits Bai Hu
Moons: Tyrins, Xanthus, Parth
System: White Sun
Capital: Chimera
Est. Population: 3.25 billion


Bellerophon is a world home to the private estates of the system’s wealthiest folk. Anything they want is shipped in from off-world, so they have no need for shops or local color.

Bellerophon_floating_estates1.jpgThe estates themselves are each the size of a small town and float gracefully a mile above the clear waters of Bellerophon’s oceans. Each estate is a self-contained world of its own. They all share a similar basic design and standardized amenities—such as a
rubbish collection system.

The wealthy pay well for their privacy and the skies above Bellerophon are patrolled by both the Feds and private security companies. Visiting the estates is by invitation only. Those who come to work on the estates have to provide a damn good reason why they’re here. (Fresh flowers anyone?)

However, there is a lot of empty desert on this planet—a nice, quiet place to meet someone if you can sneak past the Feds.


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