medical paragon


Name: Ariel
Position: 11th, orbits Bai Hu
Moons: Shiva, Poseidon, Ariopolis
System: White Sun
Capital: Ariel City
Est. Population: 4 billion

  • Shiva (Shiva is a rich source of specific minerals difficult to obtain on Ariel. The moon also hosts several colonies and a Class 2 Alliance outpost) // Access – OPEN
  • Poseidon (Many of the Core’s most extravagant retreats are found on Poseidon. The resort city of Rishi is home to the famous Stimmengott opera house) // Access – OPEN
  • Ariopolis (Ariopolis is on perpetual lease to the Gehornspiel Corporation for exotic medicine production // Access – RESTRICTED


Ariel is widely known for its technical and cultural contributions to the citizens of the UAP. More winners of the Alliance Medal of Societal Advancement come from Ariel than any other world.

One of the planet’s most notable institutions is its excellent network of hospitals, medical schools (such as Shinei University in Ariel City) and research facilities. The breakthroughs achieved through this network have led to dramatic increases in health care and disease prevention throughout the Core & Border worlds and have made practical, compact medical equipment more widespread among Rim planets.

Ariel’s public and private institutions have a strong tradition of supporting the arts, with some of the most famous musicians, artists, craftsmen, chefs and writers working and living there. It is said that even the hot dog vendors on Ariel are gourmet.

As with most planets in the Core, Ariel is a restricted landing zone. Only those with legitimate business are allowed to land. Ariel is the only Core world with no long-term penal facilities. Prisoners are transported off-world through contracts with the Trader’s Guild.


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