Tori Scarlett

medical doctor


Age: 25
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’3
Weight: 120
Occupation: Doctor

Homeworld: Beaumonde
Concept: Rehabilitated Reaver/Healer


Victoria Scarlett was born on 2493 in New Duinsmuir, Beaumonde to Bonnie and Hugo Scarlett, a schoolteacher and Cortex feed technician. Tori’s upbringing was humble and steadfastly middle class.

The oldest of three children, Tori had a deep nurturing streak from an early age and an unending fascination with the way the brain worked from the time she was seven. By the time she was an early teen, she was studying brain chemistry pieces in medical journals the way most teens would study musical albums.

Most of her peers at school thought she was a weird, obsessed, socially inept little child… a disdain from her peers that would isolate and torment her for most of her life.

By the time she was 17, she was already attracting the notice of a member of the Medical Elect (who had come across her criticisms of his published work largely by accident). With her parents’ permission, he agreed to sponsor Victoria through the MedAcad on Osiris. Her first two years there, she struggled with the often rigid theoretical programs and had an easier time when it came to the operating room work. But by her third year, she felt more at home at the MedAcad than she ever did on Beaumonde.

Four years later, having graduated from the MedAcad early, Tori was invited to join The Geh√∂rnspiel Corporation, a cutting edge medical firm that was determined to upset Blue Sun as the Verse’s preeminent pharma-gene company. She was promised her own neuroscience laboratory and a staff of 120 to experiment with the latest chemical discoveries from Greenleaf.

Tori, elated beyond imagining and flush with a rich future from her work, invited her entire family to come live with her on Osiris and spared no expense escorting them aboard the luxury ship Shouxing. It was a slow, relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable journey, full of laughter, hugs and good memories.

The fourth day of the trip, the ship’s captain alerted all passengers that a squadron of Reaver ships were in-bound to the Shouxing.

Tori Scarlett

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