Milan Borgia

Ace pilot, diplomat and card sharp


Age: 24
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Olive
Height: 5’11
Weight: 165lbs
Occupation: Pilot/Companion

Homeworld: Persephone

Known Contacts:

Character Quotes:

  • “Example here”

Virtue: Temperance
Concept: Pilot


Intelligence 2 | Wits 3 | Resolve 2
Strength 2 | Dex 2 | Stamina 2
Presence 3 | Manipulation 3 | Composure 2


Academics 2 | Computer 2| investigation 2 | Medicine 1 | Verse Lore 1 | Politics 1
Drive/Pilot 3 (Specialty: Hard Burn) | Weaponry 4
Animal Ken 3 | Empathy 2 (Specialty: Body Language)| Expression 1 | Intimidation 2 | Persuasion 3 (Specialty: Seduction) | Socialize 3 | Subterfuge 1


Striking Looks 2 | Licensed Companion 2 | Fencing 4 | Ship 2 (Handling) | Direction Sense 2


Health: 8
Willpower: 4
Integrity: 7
Size: 5
Speed: 4
Defense: 2
Initiative Mod: 4
Experiences: 0


Milan Borgia was born on Persephone in 2494 to Giovanni & Aida Borgia. His parents came from humble beginnings — His father, the assistant police chief in Demeter. And his mother, a nurse from Jadent’s Gap.

Despite their lowborn status, Giovanni was insistent on seeing his children rise above their station, whether they wanted to or not. Once he was promoted to full police commissioner, living alongside the blue bloods became all too important to Giovanni. And if he himself rode into a higher social strata on the backs of his children, so much the better for him.

Milan unfortunately was often the victim of his father’s impossible expectations. When he did not meet these expectations, he was at first severely punished. Later realizing that physical discipline would only ruin his son’s chances, Giovanni instead made Milan’s little brother Angelo the whipping boy. Tormented by his father’s abuse of his brother and aching to get away from the pressure cooker that was his home, Milan began an early fascination with birds and with flying. Once he was old enough to understand what a pilot was capable of, that they traveled unfettered through the Verse, he knew in his heart that was what he wanted to do. Angelo, in turn, shared in his brother’s dreams, drawing and clumsily carving birds for Milan to keep in his room.

peregrine_falcon_pendant_by_nightfury18-d5tnkth.jpgHis father, on the other hand, had other plans. In an effort to big-up his reputation among the old money in Demeter, Giovanni decided that his son would be sent to Sihnon at the age of twelve for companion training. Milan, at first, resisted. Then finally conceded once his father promised that he would never hit Angelo again, so long as Milan did his duty to the family. Angelo gave Milan a pendant of a swooping peregrine as a parting gift, carved out of bird bone. It is one of Milan’s most prized possessions and a good luck piece he has never parted with.

At twelve years old Milan entered a whole new life of rigorous academics, martial arts, musical training, psychotherapy and body language. Little, if any of it, interested him.

And yet, in between his studies, he found himself loving two skills at which he could run rings around his fellows. Cards and piloting. In both cases, he became obsessed with learning all the variables, crunching the numbers and testing the percentages late into the night. He used his skills as an amateur card sharp to finance additional flight training on the weekends, though ultimately at the cost of his other studies.

When his evaluations nearly suffered to the point of being sent back to Persephone, his father was furious. And when his father heard about Milan’s academic probation, he beat Angelo mercilessly and promised Milan there would be more if he didn’t shape up.

Milan finally graduated from the Guild at eighteen, a licensed Companion who hated the Verse almost as much as he hated his father.

Wild_Bill2_005.pngHe was sent by the Guild to Bernadette. He tried to keep his Companion license current by working in the Guildhouse but found himself drawn to high stakes poker games as his trade of choice. His obsession with gambling outpaced his money until he found himself deep in debt with the local Tongs.

Finally owing the Tongs 26,000 in credits before he was banned from the poker parlors, he was almost killed by Tong goons, had not Cy Young stepped in to save him. Cy struck a deal with them. Milan would work his debt off as a pilot to Cy’s drug smuggling operation. And in exchange, the Tongs would leave him alone.

Milan is a very perceptive reader of people’s expressions. Attuned at an early age to gauge when his father would go on a rampage and properly trained at the Companion Guild Academy, Milan uses much of this skill to his advantage, in everything from poker to diplomatic situations.

He is extremely cunning behind a martini glass, almost untouchable behind ship controls and even more dangerous at a card table.

Milan Borgia

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