Lucy Stone

Ship Husker and Mechanic


Character Quotes:

  • “Example here”

Concept: Hacker and Mechanic

Homeworld: Bellerophon

Known Contacts:


Intelligence 3 | Wits 3 | Resolve 2
Strength 2 | Dex 3 | Stamina 1
Presence 2 | Manipulation 2 | Composure 3


Computer 3 (Specialty: Data Retrieval | Crafts 3 (Specialty: Jury-Rig) | investigation 2 | Medicine 1 | Verse Lore 1 | Science 1
Athletics 1 | Larceny 1| Stealth 1 | Weaponry 1
Empathy 1 | Intimidation 1 | Persuasion 1 | Streetwise 2 | Subterfuge 2 (Specialty: Con Jobs)


Bureaucratic Navigator 2 | Good Time Management 2 | Fighting Style: Improvised Weaponry 2 | Technophile 1 | Alliance ID 2 (In rules terms, this merit grants a +2 bonus to all Socialize, Persuasion, and Subterfuge rolls when dealing with Alliance officials or functionaries)


d_roll_laptop_image_title_ktdrv.jpgContext Velocity EngineĀ®/Rolltop computer

Health: 6
Willpower: 5
Integrity: 7
Size: 5
Speed: 10
Defense: 3
Initiative Mod: 6
Experiences: 0


Marie Navarre was born on New Madrid, Bellerophon in 2488 to Turner and Nora Navarre—-Turner an engineer and Nora an enterprising caterer/events planner. Turner and Nora supported the family by serving and assisting Bellerophon’s rich. It was exhausting but honest work and, although Marie was never lavished with expensive spoils the way other kids around her were, she never needed for anything. As the Navarre family lived outside the lush estates of the wealthy, Marie, and her little sister Eva, grew up in the shadow of Bellerophon’s upper crust, latchers-on and crumbcatchers to the prosperity the elite dropped behind them.

She was close to one young boy though as she grew up. Tai Carson came from a very moneyed family. He and Marie would often play as children at one of the many parties Nora hosted for Tai’s parents. From their friendship grew a deep trust for one another. As they grew into teenagers, Tai was often her loudest advocate to whoever tried to belittle or conquer her.

Though Marie excelled in the greater education Bellerophon’s money provided, she loathed seeing her family reduced to a meager wage slave’s subsistence. Technology, and her voracious appetite for learning it, proved to be her favorite escape, an interest her father supported when he could.

As she grew into an accomplished adept at networks and systems, she found her skills provided her with ample dirt on the powerful people who tried to trample her. This rush of adrenalin while delving into people’s darkest secrets never left her. Information, she came to realize, meant power, depending on who knew what and when.

In the right hands, it could be the greatest of all equalizers.

Marie’s father pushed her to join the Alliance military as an EWO (Electronic Warfare Officer). Fueled by her mother and father’s loyalty to the Alliance, Marie applied to the Alliance science academy after graduating high school at the top of her class. While she waited for acceptance into the academy, she fell deeply in love with Tai. Her trust had blossomed into an almost forbidden affection for him. Suddenly, before any greater plans could be made between them, her acceptance letter arrived. Torn between staying on Bellerophon and her contract with the Alliance, Marie was encouraged by Tai to seek out her potential. He made plans to establish a settlement on the newly terraformed Miranda and to prepare a home for her when she was ready to give up the Alliance life. Her contract was only for five years. She knew in that time she would amass the credit her family would need to buy a new home in Bellerophon and to set she and Tai up for life.

Marie left Bellerophon and began her service aboard the Crete-class carrier Valiant, fixing Alliance Short Range Enforcement Vessels (ASREV) and reviewing daily intelligence data. Her work took her into the deepest depths of Alliance operations, classified information which she had little time to give more than a glancing view. When she wasn’t grinding hours on intel reports, her Cortex waves to Tai were the highlight of every evening.

But after only a year into her service aboard the Valiant, Tai’s correspondence to Lucy suddenly stopped. Confused and worried after six days, Marie tried to dig into news about Miranda. She found her inquiries roadblocked at the highest classified levels. Just as she was about to jeopardize her Alliance career and hack into to the Alliance data servers on Londinium, news broke across the Cortex that Miranda’s terraforming had failed, killing several settlers and relegating the planet to a ‘black rock’ on the maps.

When Marie was informed that Tai had been among those killed at Miranda’s terraforming failure, she was devastated. It took her ten months to emotionally recover.

A month later, the Unification War broke out.

With Tai gone and no other purpose calling to her, she eventually poured all of her focus, despair and energy into her job, becoming one of the Alliance’s go-to codebreakers. Five years later, when the war had ended and her contract had expired, Lucy felt she had no other choice but to re-up.

For four more years she worked for the Alliance in electronic warfare, rising in its ranks to become a security architect. And then, in 2515, she stumbled across a piece of unprotected data concerning Miranda and a chemical called G-23 Paxilon hydrochlorate. Curious and aware that the Alliance wanted this information hidden at all costs, Marie began to sporadically dig around. Six months later, she discovered the truth that the Verse found out three years later. Infuriated at the Alliance’s lies and betrayal and now unsure if Tai was alive or dead, she started the slow process of disentangling herself from her career. She was briefly found out by her handler, DeWitt Littlejohn, who recognized the deep conspiracy and did his best to smooth her exit out of Alliance cyberwarfare circles.

She knew that she couldn’t expose the Alliance without being killed. And she dared not risk that until she found out what exactly had happened to Tai. A year later she was working as an independent consultant for Alliance Intel while working side jobs as a husker/hacker, information broker and sometimes thief of Alliance funds. More and more she began edging her way off the Core planets and more towards the Rim planets, hoping for leads to Tai’s outcome. When she discovered more information about an Alliance investigatory team in the early days of the Pax exposure, and their subsequent massacre by Reavers, she settled into a more distanced life from her old one. The Border and Rim planets began to feel more like home as she knew she was at least physically closer to Tai than ever before. She started using her connections and money to establish multiple identities, one of whom was Lucy Stone, the name by which the Edelweiss crew knows her.

She does not know what her time on the Edelweiss will bring, save that she hopes that with the revelation by the Serenity crew, she can use the Edelweiss to find Tai. Be he dead. Or worse. What she will do when she finds him, she hasn’t the foggiest. But it’s an unanswered mystery that consumes her every waking thought.

Lucy’s sister, Eva, grew up jealous of her sister’s ambition and turned very early to a life of confidence games and crime. Lucy has kept up on her sister’s criminal enterprises as best she could, occasionally bailing her out when Eva got into too much trouble. Since Lucy’s falling-out with the Alliance however, there’s been more in common between them (multiple aliases, theft) than either is comfortable enough to admit.

Lucy Stone

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