Jasper Marmaduke

Washed up gunslinger turned snake oil salesman


Character Quotes:

  • “Step right up!”

Concept: Snake oil salesman
Homeworld: Beggar’s Tin

Known Contacts:


Intelligence x | Wits x | Resolve x
Strength x | Dex x | Stamina x
Presence x | Manipulation x | Composure x


Academics x | Computer x | Crafts x | investigation x | Medicine x | Verse Lore x | Politics x | Science x
Athletics x | Brawl x | Pilot x | Larceny x| Firearms x | Stealth x | Survival x | Weaponry x
Animal Ken x | Empathy x | Expression x | Intimidation x | Persuasion x | Socialize x | Streetwise x | Subterfuge x


Health: x
Willpower: x
Integrity: 7
Size: 5
Speed: X
Defense: x
Initiative Mod: x
Experiences: 0


Jasper Marmaduke was born on Beggar’s Tin (Silverhold’s only moon) to settler parents. His father, Günther, was an academic who held a PhD in literature from a prestigious Osiris academy. Günther went to Beggar’s Tin to find solace & inspiration for his book of poems “Songs From the Margin.”

It was there that he met Jasper’s mother, Rose Johnson. Rose was a fast-talking, fast shooting gunslinger who’d made a name for herself as the town sheriff and local adventurer. The two fell madly in love, got married and had kids. Opposites attract, as they say.

Jaspar and his older brother, William, were homeschooled by their father until they both went off to university. William followed in his father’s esteemed footsteps, became a doctor and eventually settled into a thriving medical practice on Tethys.

Jasper, on the other hand, took after his mother. He could talk a mile a minute, was very charismatic, and, thanks to his mother’s tutelage, grew to be an exceptional marksman with a revolver.

After he finished school on Epauva (one of Osiris’s moons) he went to Silverhold and, despite trying to find work as a teacher, began to discover he could make more money as a hired gun. In this, he was exceptionally skilled. It wasn’t long before his reputation grew, to the point that a Cortex feeder, by the name of Oleander Crabbe, began following his exploits.

It was at this time that his mother was gunned down by the famous outlaw Bartholomew Witcher, who took over Jasper’s hometown after Rose’s death. Fueled by rage, Jasper raced back to Beggar’s Tin and hunted down the Witcher gang, mercilessly laying waste to all of them (saving ten rounds especially for Bart Witcher).

Each vengeful kill had been uploaded by Oleander to a Verse-wide audience. After he had shot Bart Witcher down like the dog he was, Jasper’s fame exploded. He was invited on Mark Solomon’s Shots Fired Cortex feed and made the Grand Marshall of Santo’s Peach Festival Parade. The mayor of New Cardiff on Londinium gave him a key to the city. And on Persephone, the city of Demeter named a street after him, crowds cheering at his presence.

The relief at having avenged his mother (and the fanfare around the act) was not to last. Sometime during his celebrity, he discovered that one last member of the Witcher Gang had survived, a cutthroat by the name of Curtis Tower. Curtis had fled to Aberdeen after Jasper had slaughtered his fellows. Jasper wasted no time hunting Curtis down, Oleander behind him like a documenting shadow.

He found Curtis living in Aberdeen. After threatening Curtis in front of his family (and cameras), the two had a showdown in a desert canyon not far outside of town.

Jasper was confident he had a quick handle on the sonuvabitch.

Curtis was a small time criminal, sure, but he managed to draw faster than the famous “Duke of Lead.” He shot Marmaduke twice— once in the shoulder and once in his gun-hand— before fleeing into the hills. Jasper soon discovered that, without his gun-hand, he didn’t have much ability to wield a shooting iron anymore. He took five months off to heal, hoping to take another stab at killing Curtis. But every time he tried to shoot again, his hand shook and seized him with overwhelming pain.

With the whole Verse anxious to see him back at it, he had no choice. He tried to disappear from the public eye and keep his injury a secret. That lasted all of a day.

With the help of his brother, Jaspar exhausted all known medical treatments for his hand. Not long after, all the lost fame and failure at killing Curtis began to take their toll on Jasper. Alcoholism and an abyss of depression soon followed and with it a growing mockery on the Cortex as the rechristened “Duke of Bled”.

This is when he heard of a miracle cure—Dr. Griffin’s Miracle Elixir—said to fix any ailment. He immediately embarked on a search for Dr. Griffin. He soon discovered that the good doctor was a snake oil salesman. And a rich one at that. This started the gears in his head turning. He approached Dr. Griffin about joining his venture. The good doctor agreed and together they started a pyramid scheme. Jasper now travels the border worlds with his hover wagon selling both the miracle cure and also coerce others into selling it.

Jasper is in his late forties. Despite the fact that his hair is still black, he dyes it grey to look more distinguished. He likes to wears waistcoats and bowlers to maintain the look of a kindly aging doctor. He also is never without his holster.

Jasper Marmaduke

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