Dr. Alfred Archimedes Torbert

Medic and mad scientist


Character Quotes:

  • “Example here”

Concept: Mad scientist/ Humble medic

Homeworld: Londinium

Known Contacts:

Intelligence 4 | Wits 2 | Resolve 2
Strength 2 | Dex 2 | Stamina 2
Presence 3 | Manipulation 3 | Composure 1


Academics 2 | Computer 1 | Crafts 1 | investigation 1 (Specialty: Science Experiments) | Medicine 3 | Science 3 (Specialty: Biology)
Athletics 1 | Larceny 1 | Stealth 1 | Weaponry 1
Empathy 1 | Persuasion 2 | Streetwise 2 (Specialty: Black Markets) | Subterfuge 2


Morbid Fascination 2 (Slasher 129) | Well Traveled 1 | Tolerance for Biology 1 | Contacts 2 | Ship 1

  • Embarrassing Secret
  • Narcissism (mild)

Health: 8
Willpower: 2
Morality: 5
Size: 5
Speed: 9
Defense: 2
Initiative Mod: 4
Experience: 0


Born in 2474 on the wealthy core planet of Londinium, Alfred Archimedes was raised in an affluent family. Highly intelligent, Alfred waltzed through medical school and, by the time he was 19, was on the road to being one of the most respected genetic biologists of his time.

Following his graduation from MedAcad, he was approached by representatives of the Blue Sun company, in hopes of leading their newest bioengineering lab. Alfred was impressed by their sales pitch and was bowled over at the layout of their facilities. He knew that this would be his life’s work.

Alfred spent the next 25 years working for Blue Sun, becoming involved in everything from the Fruity Oaty Bar flavors to highly classified government work. In that time, Blue Sun promised the Alliance military a group of psychic supersoldiers, groomed from early age, as the future of the Alliance’s defense initiative. Alfred was one of its biggest field engineers. With his pioneering discoveries came ample amounts of prosperity and fame, something which fueled Alfred’s ego to no end.

But as the years went by, and as Alfred began a long descent into an ethical abyss, he started to have second thoughts. The experiments, once a game of limits he was happy to play with, began to gnaw at him. Being at the edge of science always reeled him back in. But with every parcel of his conscience and soul given away, it became harder and harder to sleep at night. He began to self-medicate himself, first with opiates in an effort to sleep. And then stimulants to stay awake. And then finally hallucinogens for the pure release of escape. His work began to suffer and most were convinced he’d completely lost his mind.

Finally, following the Miranda broadwave in 2518, Alfred had had enough. He quit Blue Sun completely, taking with him a surplus of the company’s dirtiest secrets. Naturally his ‘early retirement’ did not sit well with his ex-employers and Alfred soon found himself pursued across the known Verse by every sociopathic bounty hunter imaginable.

He fell in with the Tongs as a direct result of his drug appetite and his desperate need for protection. They found a use for him as a drug quality analyst and kept him safe well enough to serve their trafficking needs. When he heard through the grapevine that Cy Young was looking for an analyst for his crew, Alfred jumped at the chance. Anything to get out from under the thumb of another set of taskmasters.

Alfred is guilt-ridden by his Mengele-like past. He has stories he will take to his grave and others he’s willing to divulge for the right price. He sees his job aboard the Edelweiss as his last and final chance to make right with the Verse, possibly by finding one of the children like River Tam and making amends the best way he can. If he has to patch Cy or the gang up along the way, all the better.

Dr. Alfred Archimedes Torbert

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