Dillon “Lighthorse” Wood


You might think the Barbossa Gang has no place for a levelheaded, rational thinker amongst all the crazies. You’d be wrong, though. This thankless job—which is as easy as herding a pack of stray cats—is ultimately Lighthorse’s responsibility to bear. His role as lieutenant is invaluable to keeping the Barbossa Gang together and active. Lighthorse is the invisible power behind-the-scenes. When the Alliance comes a-knockin’ on Tessa’s door, he’s the one who’s taking notes, cross-referencing transit routes, and reporting on recent hauls.

Though many wonder how they got along without him, Lighthorse is a pretty recent addition to the gang. Lucky for them, Lighthorse spent a considerable amount of time as a lawdog himself, capturing more villains who resembled his current friends than he’d ever share. While he was a lawdog, he was even given the title of Lighthorse as a reflection of the community’s respect for his hard work in keeping them safe. That all changed when he accidentally shot a young girl, a promising bright ray of light who’ll never see her teenaged years thanks to Dillon’s carelessness.

He ain’t proud of what he’d done, and to make up for his crime, the Alliance assigned him the task of keeping an eye on the gang. Though Tessa is their primary point-of-contact, the government doesn’t trust her, especially since she fought for the losing side in the War. Lighthorse now uses his experiences to aide Tessa Barbossa with her command and keep those close to him as safe as he can. Even if the dilemmas put to him are between a bad choice and a worse choice, he’ll advise the path that ends with the least bloodshed—which can be a might difficult when so few within the gang are fearful of death.

Dillon “Lighthorse” Wood

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