Charlotte Du Bois

Mercenary Queen of The Oiorpata


Though Charlotte du Bois is in her early fifties, she moves like a woman half her age, and has a mean right hook. She hides her figure under well-worn military fatigues and chews on an unlit cigar, which she never smokes. While people may be lured in by her charm and sass, at any moment Charlotte can draw her pair of combat batons—and surprise opponents who wonder where she was hiding them. Charlotte du Bois excelled in Alliance intelligence training. But her parents—both prestigious members of Parliament—had her removed from service once they got wind of how quickly she was rising in the ranks and what missions she’d been on. They both considered that line of work too dangerous, and felt a career as a courier was not suitable for their daughter. However, a black ops division of Alliance intelligence soon recruited Charlotte to spy on the Browncoats during the War. She seduced a lot of information out of many top-ranking Independents, and quickly became one of Alliance’s top spies.

Toward the end of the War, du Bois was on a dangerous mission when her cover was blown by a jealous rival. Charlotte, despite her family’s connections and strong military record, was immediately disavowed and arrested. Thanks to her parents, Charlotte barely managed to escape, and eventually rebuilt her identity far from the Core. The outside world ignores here, and the Alliance thinks she’s dead. She’d like to keep it that way.

Likes and Dislikes: Charlotte hates those who try to tell her what to do or control her. She loves her work and her girls, especially Atalanta.

Flashbacks and Echoes: Bein’ a spy was just a job for her. Browncoats might not take too kindly to Charlotte as she spied on them, working against their interests. But, she surely has no love for the Alliance either. She’s a woman who’s content to be a ghost, and will do whatever she can to protect the truth—even if it means killin’ those who figure out her little secret.

Charlotte Du Bois

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