Bix Madigan

Ship Security and Muscle


Age: 26
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skin Tone: Light Tan
Height: 5’9
Weight: 160

Homeworld: Ariel

Known Contacts:

Virtue: Justice
Vice: Wrath
Concept: Organ smuggler and martial artist


Intelligence 2 | Wits 3 | Resolve 1
Strength 2 | Dex 3 | Stamina 3
Presence 3 | Manipulation 3 | Composure 1


Computer 1 | Crafts 2 | investigation 1
Athletics 1 | Brawl 3 (Specialty: Kung Fu) | Firearms 2 | Larceny 2 (Speciality: Security Systems) | Stealth 1 | Weaponry 2
Intimidation 2 | Persuasion 1 | Socialize 1 | Streetwise 2 | Subterfuge 1 (Specialty: Lying)


Fast reflexes 2 | Fighting Style: Kung Fu 1 | Quick Draw 1 | Fighting Finesse 2 | Ship 1 (Security)

  • Glock 21 | Range 30/120(-2 penalty) | Capacity 8+1 | Strength 2 | Size 1/S | Cost 598 | Ammo .45 ACP
  • Stun Baton

Health: 8
Willpower: 4
Integrity: 7
Size: 5
Speed: 10
Defense: 3
Initiative Mod: 4
Experiences: 0


Bix Madigan grew up on Ariel, to a Chinese mother, Jia Li, and an Irish father, Dr. Teague Madigan, in relative wealth and splendor. Bix unfortunately bristled at his comfortable upbringing, especially as he grew to learn it was built upon his father’s less-than-ethical bioengineering firm, Spartoi Advanced Biotics (a subsidiary of the Blue Sun Corporation).

At an early age, Bix was groomed to be a secret test subject for Spartoi. His father began slowly at first, conflating his earliest immunization shots with genetic enhancement injections and then later, falsely diagnosing him with Bowden’s Malady. Naturally this diagnosis required constant medical treatment and neverending ‘tests’. Jia Li comforted her son the only way she knew how—-with home remedies and by teaching him the wu xing kung fu her father had taught her, in the hopes of strengthening her son’s spirit & body.

Eventually as Bix grew into his teens, his father’s medical ‘help’ evolved into using Bix to incubate lab-grown organs within his body. Tired of the endless treatments, It was around this time that Bix began to push away from his father’s so-called care and grew more and more despondent about his ‘failing’ health. He dropped out of school and began to hang around a local chapter of the 14k Triad, a Tong criminal enterprise. When the Triad found out about Bix’s associations with Spartoi and the profit potential in exploiting his access, they set Bix on the path of corporate espionage and outright theft, in exchange for reputation, favor and profit. Bix thrilled at sticking it to his father. He had never earned the love and praise that he earned from the Triads and soon the value of his thefts were garnering the notice of the Triad’s major lords.

Unfortunately the wear on his mind and body, the exhaustion of the lies and of the constant rotating surgeries, began to catch up to him. As he slowly found the Triad’s concern for his well-being to be just as false and empty as his father’s, he began to distance himself from the gang. His father may have exploited his son to his financial benefit. But he never threatened or harmed Bix for not cooperating.

The Triad, on the other hand, had no such reservations.

When he refused one directive from Triad commanders to smuggle out a new hyper-twitch arm developed by Spartoi, the Triad responded by having his mother killed, gunning her down in the street on the way home from the market.

Jia Li’s violent murder destroyed Bix completely and stoked a raging unquenchable hatred within him, not just for the Triad but for his father as well. He was sick and tired of being someone else’s pawn, someone else’s strike-it-rich guinea pig. His father, also distraught, discovered Bix’s Triad associations and seethed with what he felt was the ultimate betrayal. The two began to argue the day after Jia Li’s funeral and when it came to blows, Bix nearly killed his father. He stormed out, suddenly aware of his own power and swore to never return. He made plans with a friend to travel to Paquin, in hopes of finding a new identity and work there. But before shipping out, he had one last thing he needed to do.

The following night he set upon the Triad headquarters in Ariel and eviscerated the top Triad lord in his office, avenging his mother and making it clear to his old ‘friends’ he wanted to be left the fuck alone.

Stronger and more determined than ever before, he left for Paquin. It was there, working as a pit fighter and as a professional drunk at the nearest tavern, that he fell in with Cy Young, Milan Borgia and the Edelweiss.

He feels this is the clean start he’s been looking for.

Following his attack on the lord in Ariel, the Triad may be weighing their options about what to do about him. But the Alliance, at the behest of the Blue Sun Corporation, certainly aren’t. As far as they’re concerned, Bix is carrying stolen property and will be captured or assassinated as needed. Whatever it takes to repossess the prototype.

Bix Madigan

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