Bai Yin

urban legend


Bai Yin is a legend, a tale told to scare folk in the black. The few people who have seen her often have trouble describing her. She appears as an extra passenger or crewmember no one noticed coming aboard, no matter how small the ship. Most descriptions include her long braided hair, the shadows that seem to follow her, and the cold darkness in her eyes. Bai Yin never arrives on a ship at random. When she appears, she offers a valuable secret and exacts a specific price. This secret is always useful, and may save the lives of a crew or be a fact about the near-future. What Bai Yin reveals might be as simple as how to avoid a nearby Alliance ship, or that the ship’s engine is about to blow.

The price she asks in trade is not always steep, but it is always personal. Sometimes it’s a treasure, a memory, or a flower, but occasionally Bai Yin claims another life or even a limb. She asks for the price before offering the secret, but only expects payment after the secret is given. Like many stories of the oddities found in the black, there are more rumors about Bai Yin than truth. Some say she is a spirit of vengeance, a being that came about after the decimation of Shadow.

Others think she represents all the fallen soldiers who died on the battlefield. Whatever the truth of her, maybe one day Bai Yin will tell a lucky soul what she really is…in exchange for a steep price.

Likes and Dislikes: Bai Yin answers to nobody but herself, and she enjoys holding all the cards. She dislikes violence, and often refuses to deal with those who are loud or aggressive. She might charge them a higher price, or offer a darker secret.

Flashbacks and Echoes: Bai Yin herself is an echo, a shard of what was forgotten and needs to be remembered. She did come into being sometime during the War, and is indiscriminate about whom she targets.

Bai Yin carries a small black datapad that contains the names of every dead Alliance citizen and where their body may be found. If you want to know if a missing loved one is living or dead, Bai Yin can tell you…for a price.

Bai Yin

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