Augustus Landrum

Zealous Militia leader


Augustus Landrum is a burly man who considers himself a nice, affable guy, but can’t seem to keep his explosive temper in check. He’s a hard-nosed businessman who operates his interests like a mob boss, through violence and intimidation—to him, everybody owes him somethin’. Landrum’s smart, sees every angle and thinks a few moves ahead, but isn’t always the most articulate of people. Sometimes being blunt cuts through the cow droppings, and he knows it, too.

Augustus Landrum served in the War as a Dust Devil, a Browncoat who organized raids and terror campaigns against Alliance interests. His ship was crippled on a mission to stop the Alliance incursion before they reached Hera. Because he failed, the Alliance forces were able to reach the planet, and he was forced to watch the Battle of Serenity Valley from the sidelines. Soon afterward, Landrum returned home to the Kalidasa System. His father owned some shipyard holdings that Landrum parlayed into a small fortune. Landrum’s wealthy status afforded him some power and influence, which he put to immediate use by creating a false front, a waste removal corporation, which masked his true aims to rebel against the Alliance. Though he has a wife, a son, and a daughter, he spends more time with his militia than anybody else.

Likes and Dislikes: Only two things matter to Augustus— ruling his domain and takin’ down the Alliance. Everyone knows Augustus calls the shots no matter who is officially mayor, magistrate, or sheriff wherever he’s at. He loves food and makes a point of having a weekly family dinner with a lavish spread. Landrum still hates the Alliance something fierce—and anyone else he considers tainted by them, too.

Flashbacks and Echoes: Augustus served in the War as a Browncoat Dust Devil; thus, he’s either a terrorist or a patriot depending on which side of the War you were on. There are those who haven’t forgotten the Dust Devils no matter how much time has passed.

Augustus Landrum

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