Few of Days and Full of Trouble

Episode XVIII

The crew meets an antique dealer

Milan flies the Jia Li to Liann Jiun, where King Yama resides in the town of Anyang. Everyone gathers in the cockpit to discuss their next plan of action. Looking over the loot, they nabbed an 1867 typewriter, Sunflowers by Van Gogh, a Ming vase, the Avengers signed and framed poster, and an Andy Warhol painting. Bix fails to mention the Bruce Lee manuscript he’s hidden away in his bunk,while Jasper conveniently forgets about the Lassiter gun concealed in his tool box. He does,however, remember the hard drives and documents he’d stolen from Durran Haymer’s office. Jasper immediately hands the drives over to Lucy, asking if she can hack the encryption codes. Finn claims to be afflicted by a sudden migraine and shuts himself in his bunk,much to the relief of the others, who still don’t trust him.
Lucy pulls out her rolltop to work on the encryption, while Milan sends a wave to Felix. Felix responds, saying while they’re no longer in debt to King Yama, there is the one remaining job they owe the Tongs. Milan mentions they’ve acquired some highly interesting artifacts which King Yama should find intriguing. Felix answers,“If you have anything to sell King Yama, first go to Dallas Cheung, his personal appraiser. He owns an antiquities store in Shinzing, the town north of Anyang. If he deems anything worthy of King Yama’s attention, we’ll talk.”
Thanking Felix for his time, Milan lands the Jia Li at the ship docks of Shinzing on the planet Liann Jiun.
Lucy keeps working on the three hard drives, while Jasper takes a crack at deciphering the documents. The document turns out to be 20 pages worth of email correspondence between Durran Haymer and Blue Sun,concerning something called Project Chimera. One question in the fourth email stands out to Jasper,‘How many beds will we need?’ making it seem like the correspondence involves human experimentation. Reading further, he finds information on the newest flavor of the Fruity Oaty bar, along with details on its chemical composition and official recipe. The notes say they’ve had surprising success with the new ingredients. “Does anyone know anything about science…or granola bars?”Jasper asks. Lucy offers to look at the recipe and notices the components are incredibly complex for a granola bar. They contain a mild derivative of G-23 paxilon hydrochlorate, a highly suspicious ingredient for a granola bar.”Maybe we shouldn’t buy that flavor, or any of these bars ever again,”Jasper suggests. In one of the documents, Jasper finds a mention of Milan’s brother, stating that Angelo Borgia can not only read minds, but can also move objects with his mind. The crew members exchange worried glances at the news.
They decide to take only the Sunflowers painting and the typewriter to be appraised. Arming himself with his Moses Bros revolver, Bix hefts the typewriter and Milan, with the painting, follow Lucy and Jasper to the antiques store. Cheung’s Antiques is the third store along the main road. Approaching the store, they find two armed guards standing on either side of the entrance. Bix steps forward, the others stand behind him. Both guards are taller and heftier than Bix, one is of Native American descent, the other is a big white guy. The white guy speaks up, asking,”What’s your business here?”
“We were sent by Felix to get some shit appraised,” Bix answers.
“Felix who?”asks the guard. “Cobb,”snaps Bix. “Okay, and who are all of you?”
Bix introduces himself as Jon Chen, Milan as Milan Borgia, Lucy as Lucy, while she glares at him for forgetting to use her alias. Jasper interrupts announcing,”And I am Doctor Obadiah Bumpus,” before Bix can mess up his alias as well.
The guy turns to the other guard,”Rosh, watch them,” he orders his partner. He goes inside,leaving Rosh to stare blankly at the Jia Li crew. Jasper strikes up a conversation with Rosh, wondering if he help set up a black market connection for steroids. At first Rosh isn’t sure whether he should be offended by Jasper’s presumption, but, for a finders fee, tells Jasper about a black market dealer in Anyang who can help him.
At long last, the first guard comes back,”What are you bringing to him?“he demands.
“Really?” mutters Lucy,”Is this how you do business?”
“You think I’m lugging a fucking typewriter around for fun?” grumbles Bix.
A voice rings out from the shop,”Marvin, ENOUGH! Let them in!” Marvin relents,standing aside to let them enter.
Bix, Lucy, Milan and Jasper hurry inside, the shop’s interior is lined in glass cases full of assorted ancient artifacts. Dallas Cheung, a young 28 year old Asian man sporting a wispy goatee and mustache, is seated in the middle of the room at a large ornate desk. Dallas orders Marvin to stay outside and keep the door closed. Marvin is quick to obey.
Dallas turns to the crew of the Jia Li, saying,”So, who’s your leader?”
Bix steps forward, thumping the typewriter down on the desk. Dallas puts on a pair of jeweler’s goggles and thoroughly examines every inch of the typewriter. Finally, he looks up from it, satisfied and asks Bix,”How much you want for it?”
“No, you’re the appraiser, you tell us how much it’s worth,” Lucy corrects Dallas,”That’s what an appraisal IS.”
Dallas glances at her, saying,”I know, but I’d like to take it off your hands.”
“It’s reserved for someone else,” Milan speaks up.
“Who?”demands Dallas.
“We’re going to see if King Yama would consider a trade,”Milan replies.
Dallas looks puzzled,”What kind of trade?”
“We need a plant to get somebody out of a coma,” Bix explains,”Indian Paintbrush.”
“Well, first of all, if you guys intend to trade for Indian Paintbrush, this won’t do it,”Dallas explains,”So unless you have something bigger..”
“What would do it?”Lucy asks him.
“He’d want something at least starting at a million credits. This typewriter is only worth 500,000 credits.”
“What about this?”Milan blurts out, slapping the Sunflowers painting down next to the typewriter. Dallas looks over the painting, spending a long time on it’s largest sunflower. After examining every inch, he announces,”Fake.” Milan swears profusely.
“What else you got?” “Could you give us some time to go grab something?”Milan asks.
“If you let me hold on to the typewriter as collateral, sure,”Dallas answers.
“Jasper, you and Lucy wanna stay here, me and Milan’ll go back to the ship,”Bix orders. Jasper pulls Bix aside, whispering to him about the Lassiter hidden in his toolbox, he tells him to bring it along as well. After Bix and Milan exit the store, Marvin reenters and begins pacing around Jasper.
“Can this guy give me some space?”Jasper asks Dallas,”I’m trying to peruse the merchandise.”
“Oh, you’re looking to buy?”Dallas looks up, interested,“Marvin, back off.” Marvin moves to the back of the store, but continues staring at Jasper.
“What are you looking for?” Dallas asks Jasper.
“I’m a collector of odds and ends,I’m really interested in history. I’m in between offices at the moment, but my old office, before I had to move off the core planet,”Jasper explains,”was full of antiques and artifacts. When I set up my practice again, I’d like to furnish it like my old one. This would make a great centerpiece,”Jasper points at the astrolabe and Dallas agrees wholeheartedly.
“Absolutely, if you’re interested, it only sells for 45,000 credits.”
“Oh,hey, that’s not bad,” Jasper remarks, trying to look exceptionally wealthy, as Lucy laughs at him.
All of a sudden Marvin shouts”OH!” and bolts out the front door. “Lucy, I just realized I forgot to feed the horse,”Jasper mentions. Marvin returns, closely followed by Rosh, they block the door so Jasper can’t leave. Marvin says,”Boss, do you recognize that guy?” “No,”Dallas replies, annoyed,”I’m trying to do business with him.”
Meanwhile, Bix and Milan make it back to the ship. Milan grabs the Avengers poster while Bix carefully wraps the Ming vase in towels to protect it. Ducking into his bunk, Bix takes the Bruce Lee manuscript and tucks it under his shirt, just in case he might need to offer it as a last resort. After digging the Lassiter from the depths of Jasper’s toolbox, he and Milan head back to the store. They return to find the door blocked by Marvin and Rosh.
“He’s the guy on the Cortex!”Marvin yells.
“What guy? There’s alot of guys on the Cortex, you’ll have to narrow it down a bit,”Lucy reasons.
“You know, the guy who had a TV show and then sponsored that racer, and he’s a wanted murderer but he escaped,” Marvin insists,”The guy who’s worth a ton of money.”
“Oh, yeah, I’ve gotten this before,” drawls Jasper, waving the accusation away,”Ever since he escaped jail, I get stopped and questioned. I guess he looks similar to me. I’m really not the same guy, I just look like him. I even got arrested briefly on the last planet I was on. I’m only a doctor, a completely different person from that killer.” Marvin’s excitement wanes, but he still seems doubtful that Jasper is telling the truth.
“Listen, I get it alot, you can call the police and we can go through all the rigamorale again, but it’ll only waste everyone’s time,” Jasper shrugs innocently,”I guess I’m cursed with the bad luck of looking like this bastard.”
Dallas orders Marvin to stop blocking the front door, since Bix and Milan are trying to enter. Disgruntled, Marvin steps aside. The two men come in, bearing their stolen wares. Milan hands Dallas the framed Avengers poster. Dallas peers through the frame’s glass at the poster.
“Okay, it’s better than the last,“he says,”worth at least 25,000 credits.” Milan appears disappointed, since he’d hoped it was worth more.
“What else?” Dallas asks. Bix places the Lassiter gun on the desk. Dallas attempts to hide the fact that his eyes light up, recognizing it’s worth immediately.
“Can I look at this closer?”asks Dallas,” I’ve seen alot of fakes.”
“By all means,”Jasper replies. Dallas glances at Bix,”May I?”he reiterates, Bix nods. Dallas spends quite awhile examining it with his magnifying glass. After he’s done, he explains,”There’s one more test I’d like to do to determine it’s authenticity. I need to take a paint chip to chemically test it.”
“Won’t that damage it’s value?”asks Jasper, concerned.
“Only a tiny bit, but I need to run a test on the paint to make sure it’s an actual Lassiter and not a reproduction. If I have your permission,” Dallas answers.
“What kind of official documentation can you provide? We don’t want to have it chipped here and then take it somewhere else and have them chip it too. Can you write up a certificate of authenticity that will be recognized, showing it’s worth.”
“Sure, no problem, I’m with the Antiquities Guild, I can draw up an authentication certificate. Easily recognized, anyone who’s a legitimate member of the Guild will know it and it will place the value of this merchandise at one and a half million credits. If it’s for real,” Dallas continues,”but before I do this test and verify it, I want something from all of you.” “What?”asks Jasper, the others gather round.
“So, from the artifacts you’ve shown me, you’re either extremely skilled thieves, or the luckiest thieves that have ever walked into my shop. Because of that, I want you to pull a job for me.”
“What kind of job?” Milan speaks up.
Dallas looks shifty,”If I give you access to King Yama’s palace, you’ll have access to the Indian Paintbrush you need and also to a particularly rare item, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on.”
“Wait! Are you saying, he won’t trade us the Indian Paintbrush for that gun?”Lucy asks.
“I’m saying, you could get it without any cost to you. You could take away all of these artifacts and keep them. You won’t have to pay for the certificate, if you bring back an item from King Yama’s personal collection.”
“That’s a horrible idea!” Milan gasps,”He’d find out who did it!”
“We need to talk amongst ourselves for a minute,”Jasper pipes up.
“What is this thing anyway?”Lucy demands to know.
“It is a jewel, a very rare jewel from Earth that Was which helped found the bank of the Core planets. It’s what allows the currency you currently spend to retain value.”
“Okay, let’s go outside and have a talk,” Jasper insists. Grabbing their items from Dallas’s desk, Bix, Lucy and Milan follow him outside. They gather beneath a tree to discuss.
“We can have him look at the Ming vase and if it’s worth 500,000, then we’re good. We can just buy the plant,”Milan suggests.
“It’s one and a half million for the Lassiter, already. Isn’t that enough?”Lucy observes. “Seems like, if we show him that vase he’ll figure out who we got it from. Can’t be alot of those sitting around the ‘Verse. And I bet if we don’t do his fucking job, he reports us to the fucking Alliance,”snaps Bix.
“But how the hell can we go to King Yama with nothing?!”Lucy sounds exasperated.
“I wouldn’t mind holding on to that Lassiter gun, I’ve got some ventures going and I could use the money,”Jasper observes,”but so far, we’ve gone through alot of trouble to Not steal from King Yama.”
“So we’re Not going to,”Milan insists.
“Seems like a pretty fucking good idea to tell this guy we’ll do the job, but rat him out to King Yama instead,”Bix interjects.
“Look,”Lucy says,”the thing is, we came here for that plant, are we gonna get the plant if we do it straight. We’re not that attached to the fucking shit we stole, let’s be honest. If we can actually give that away and get what we want, then why would we do his job?” she turns towards Bix, “But you’re saying, he knows it’s all stolen and he’ll just turn us in if we don’t do what he wants?”
“Yeah,” Bix replies,”that’s what he’ll do, if he gets the chance.”
“Is there any chance of getting the Indian Paintbrush honestly, at this point?”Lucy asks. Bix shrugs.
“We could break in and then confront King Yama, saying Dallas let us in, that he’s a traitor and we’d rather not get on King Yama’s bad side. That’s being honest,”Milan says.
“The problem is, we don’t know King Yama personally, we don’t know how he’ll react to this guy’s betrayal,”Lucy remarks,”it’s a huge gamble.”
“I don’t wanna get on Yama’s bad side,” Bix growls,”If we screw him over, we’ll have all the fucking Tongs after us.”
“Since we’ve already got Alliance law enforcement after us, it might be good not to piss off all the criminals as well,”Jasper points out.
“But I don’t see how we’re getting this planned, unless we do what this guy wants us to,”Lucy stresses.
“Right, unless we say we’re gonna do what that fucker wants us to,” Bix explains.
“And then turn him in instead?”Lucy asks.
“Yeah,”Bix replies,”but first, we’re selling him this fucking typewriter, it’s goddamn heavy. I’m not lugging this shit anymore.”
“We should get the certification for the Lassiter before selling him the typewriter,”Lucy advises. With a nod, Bix shoulders the typewriter and heads back to the store, the others coming along behind him.
“Welcome back,” Dallas greets them as they enter.
“We’re okay with you doing the certificate thing,”Lucy informs Dallas,”then we’ll do the job.” “But only if it’s real, not if it’s fake,”Milan interjects.
“Great, give me 10 minutes to run the paint test and I’ll get it all written up.” Jasper hands over the gun and Dallas scurries into his lab to do the testing. While the crew waits, Marvin creeps up on Jasper again. He gets so close, he’s breathing down Jasper’s neck.
“For god’s sakes, Marvin, What?!”Jasper yelps.
“I still think you’re the guy,”grumbles Marvin.
“So get the law in here and we can waste a bunch more time!You can ruin your boss’s day even more and get dragged into the station.I’m so damn sick of this!”
Taken aback, Marvin edges out the door, a wary eye still on Jasper. He talks to Rosh outside, bitching about Jasper and the boss. Rosh tells him to take it easy and to shut up.
Bored by the proceedings, Lucy opens up her rolltop to check on her encryption codes for Durran Haymer’s hard drives. She’s pleased to discover the encryption successfully cracked. On the first drive she finds blueprints and the location of a facility where Durran Haymer had been spending a lot of time. It’s on Argabuthon, a moon of the planet Athens. The details show a large amount of daily chemical disposal taking place at the facility, but doesn’t verify where it’s located on the moon. It’s heavily protected with daily importing of weapons going on. The facility lists about 42 staff members on site.
Finished testing the paint, Dallas returns to speak with the crew.
“So,”Dallas turns to Bix,”when do you start?”
“When do you need us to start?”Bix asks.
“Where’s the certificate? Did you write it up already?”Lucy interrupts.
“I’ll go back in a couple minutes and write it all up, but, basically I need you to start making preparations you need to make, and I would like the job to happen in the next four days.”
“And you’re sure you can get us in there?”Lucy double checks,”can you elaborate on the plans more?”
“I’ll be bringing you in as my assistants.”Dallas explains,”You’ll be helping set up tables, place artifacts, stuff like that. Every few months I do a display for him from artifacts I’ve gathered, and he takes the best pieces. In four days, I have plans for another meeting with him. That’s when I’d like you guys to strike.”
“So, you’ll be there too?”Lucy asks.
“Yes,”Dallas clarifies,”let me write up the certificate now.” He steps back into his lab and fills out the authentication certificate, complete with it’s official seal and stamp. After folding the certificate carefully closed, he hands it over to Bix.
Passing the gun to Jasper, Bix asks Dallas,“You wanna take this typewriter off our hands?You said ya were interested earlier.”
“Yes,of course,”Dallas replies,”500,000 was our agreed upon price.” He passes Bix 500,000 credits, which the crew splits evenly amongst themselves.Taking the typewriter, Dallas tells Bix,”I’ll be in touch with you and your crew, but otherwise, meet me in Anyang, at King Yama’s palace in four days.” Their business finished, the crew heads back to the ship.
Walking down Main street towards the ship docks, they notice two local law enforcement marshals coming towards them. Bix, Lucy and Milan continue along the street in the direction of the ship, while Jasper sidles quickly down the nearest alley. The two marshals split up, one hurrying down another alley, as the other casually saunters up to Bix, Lucy and Milan.
“Excuse me, gotta a moment? I need to ask you a question,”the marshal addresses them. “Okay, whatever,”Lucy replies for them all.
“Do you happen to know a guy by the name of Jasper Marmaduke?”the marshal asks.
“I don’t know anyone named Jasper, I’d remember that name,”Lucy lies.
“Isn’t that the guy on the Cortex?I saw something about him there,”Milan adds.”Yeah, that’s right,”Bix agrees with Milan.
“Hey, didn’t you win a race recently?”the marshal turns to Milan,”Your face is really familiar. Could you three come with me to my office?”
“But why?” Lucy reasons,”we don’t have any information for you.”
“Come with me to my office,now,”the marshal orders, no longer friendly.
“But I have a horse I need to feed,”Lucy frets.
“It won’t take long,”the marshal tells her.
“Fucking hell, it’s just some goddamn questions,”Bix growls,”Fine, we’ll come.” They follow him to his office.
“We’re just going to wait here, while my partner asks your compatriot a few questions.Nothing to worry about,”the marshal states, as he enters the office, closing the door behind him. The three crew members exchange nervous glances with each other behind the marshal’s back.
After scooting down the alley, Jasper emerges on the next street over, next to a barber shop. He scurries inside to find two other customers already being served, one of them with a hot towel over his face. Hopping into the nearest empty chair, Jasper tells the barber,”I’m in need of a haircut.”
“Absolutely,”the barber agrees, spreading a towel over Jasper’s shoulders.
“I’d like it shorter in the back and sides, and can you color it grey, I’m trying to look more dignified. A hot towel would be wonderful too, I have a bit of a headache.” The barber hurries to comply with Jasper’s wishes. Just as he’s lain a hot towel over Jasper’s face, the pursuing marshal enters the shop. Without pausing, the marshal stomps right up to the chair Jasper is lounging in.
“Jasper Marmaduke,”the marshal says. Of course, Jasper doesn’t respond.“You are bound by law to stand up and to give me your hands.”
After a moment of silence, Jasper asks,”Who?” He pulls the towel from his face and sits up, blinking innocently.
“Jasper Marmaduke, turn around,”the marshal orders. Jasper appears blearily befuddled. “How long has this man been sitting in this chair?”the marshal asks the barber.
“I only just sat down,”Jasper speaks up,”he hasn’t even begun yet. But I’ve gotten this before.I’m not Jasper Marmaduke. I’m Dr.Obadiah Bumpus. I have ID papers.”
“Do you have those papers with you, sir?”the marshal addresses Jasper. Jasper pulls out the papers for the fake ID Lucy set him up with. Handing them to the marshal, he continues,”In fact,you’re the second person today to mistake me for that man.I was set upon by a thug at the antique store earlier.”
Relaxing back into his chair, Jasper watches the marshal examine his ID papers. Finally, the marshal hands the ID back to Jasper, saying,”My apologies,sir, there’s been a mistake.We were told by a citizen in this town that you were an individual by the name of Jasper Marmaduke.”
Jasper sighs, dramatically,”I told him to, what’s his face, um.. Marvin at the antique store. He almost accosted me and I explained the situation to him, even offered to show him my papers, but he’d have none of it.I suggest you have a talk with him.”
“I apologize fully, sir, I’ll talk to him,”the marshal leaves. Jasper enjoys getting his haircut and hair coloring with no further mishaps. When he’s finished, he leaves the barbershop looking much more dapper than before. Before returning to the ship, he stops by a liquor store, where he purchases a fancy bottle of champagne.
A short time later, the marshal who’d been following Jasper stops by the station, where Bix, Lucy and Milan are nervously waiting.
“Josiah,”the marshal addresses his partner,”it wasn’t him.”
“Are you sure?”Josiah asks,”Did you really check the guy out?”
“Yeah, but all his papers were legit, so wrong guy.” Josiah turns to Bix, Milan and Lucy saying,”Apologies, folks, we were just wary of what could potentially be a fugitive in our town.”
“You done with us now?”Bix snaps. Josiah allows them to leave, apologizing once again for the confusion. Grumbling together, Bix, Lucy and Milan go back to the ship.
Stepping back on board the Jia Li, the three crew members split up. Bix slips into his bunk to hide his Bruce Lee manuscript, Lucy heads to the lounge area calling for a meeting, after concealing her share of the money in her bunk. Milan hurries to the infirmary,but then remembers his brother is on Dora. Saddened,he wanders off to find Brad the cat instead. Returning to the ship, Jasper finds Lucy,in the lounge area, waiting patiently for the rest of the crew to gather for the meeting she’d called.
He sets the champagne down next to her. “I have to thank you. Those papers saved my ass.”Jasper tells her,” You did a fantastic job, I bought you some champagne.”
“Wow,thanks! So he did find you?”Lucy says, delighted with the champagne.
“Yeah,and my story wasn’t convincing him, but the papers did."
“I’m glad they worked,”Lucy replies, relieved.
“Do you like my haircut, I took the liberty of having it colored too, so I no longer have this problem so much.”
“You still kinda look like you,”Lucy remarks as Jasper pops open the champagne.
His manuscript and his money safely hidden, Bix heads back to the lounge area. On the way he passes Finn’s closed cabin door from which issues frenzied shouting. Bix bangs on his door.
Finn yells,“What?”
“You okay in there?”Bix asks, baffled.
“Yeah, I’m just watching the Cortex feed and it’s pissing me off!”Finn explains lamely.
Bix listens closely for a moment, but can’t detect any noises from the Cortex Finn claims to be watching. Puzzled, he goes to the lounge to find Lucy and Jasper drinking champagne together.
“Bix!”Jasper greets him,”Do you want some champagne? Also we need to talk about what to do about our current situation.”
“Yeah,”Bix replies,”it just blew up in our fucking faces. How the fuck are we gonna do anything with the little shit right there?” Milan enters the lounge area cuddling Brad the cat in his arms.
“Can’t we call King Yama or Felix from here and tell them Dallas is a traitor, why do we have to wait four days?”Jasper remarks,”and shouldn’t Finn be a part of this conversation?”
“I dunno, he’s acting fucking weird,”Bix says.
“What do you mean-weird?”Lucy asks.
“I heard him arguing with someone, he says it’s just the goddamn Cortex.”Bix explains,”But I can’t hear shit, no Cortex, nothing but him.” Milan sets Brad the cat down on the couch and marches over to Finn’s door, pressing his ear against it to eavesdrop. Lucy switches on her rolltop to check the ship’s communication logs. In seconds she’s able to open a multitude of communications between Finn and Simon Mohinder, whom she recognizes as a known Alliance spy.
“We have a mole,”Lucy announces,”he’s been talking to the Alliance. Simon Mohinder, Not a good guy,either.”She continues to read aloud from the conversation transcripts, discovering to everyone’s horror that Finn has given the Jia Li’s current coordinates to Simon. Alliance enforcement is already on it’s way.
“Hey,Finn, we’re having a meeting!”Milan cries out.
“I’ll be there in a second!”Finn calls. Milan briefly hears Finn say,”Gotta go,”presumably to Simon Mohinder. There’s a pause and the door opens, Finn emerging with a guilty look on his face.
“You may want to get us in the air, Milan!”Jasper shouts, then takes a sip of his champagne, not budging from his seat. Milan darts down the hall, racing for the cockpit. As soon as he reaches his pilot’s seat, he begins lift off procedures.
Bix bolts from the lounge area, heading for Finn’s cabin, and without breaking his stride slams a fist into Finn’s face. Finn’s head snaps back, he staggers as Bix bellows,”Fucking selling us out to the fucking Alliance!You fucking piece of shit!”
“What?!”shrieks Finn, holding his gushing nose”I haven’t done anything?!”
“Ya been talking to Simon Mohinder, a fucking spy espionage shit this whole fucking time!”Bix’s fists fly into a blur, pummeling Finn’s head like punching bag.
“Why are you hitting me?I can explain!Stop, please stop!” Bix punches him again, Finn goes flying into the , landing in a crumpled, bloody heap.
“JASPER!!”screams Finn.
“Maybe we should let him tell us why he did it?”Jasper muses, standing up, he pours Bix a glass of champagne, then proceeds over to the fallen Finn. Handing Bix the champagne, Jasper asks calmly,”Alright, let’s hear it.” Bix slams the champagne back like it’s a shot of whiskey.
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.“Finn grovels,”I didn’t mean to give you guys up, but they have shit on me!”
“Maybe you shouldn’t do shit!”Lucy shouts in response,”What shit do they have on you?”
“I killed my acting teacher and I almost killed my girlfriend, and they’re using that as leverage..”
“You ‘almost’ killed?”Lucy puzzles, “On purpose?”
“NO, purely by accident, I’m not right in the head and I’m trying to find some kind of treatment,”Finn whines.
“It sounds like you just need a vacation, far away from here,”Lucy remarks.
“Can you guys wait, please, just wait until we’re on a planet and I swear to god I’ll leave! Or I can leave right now, please let me leave!”Finn babbles.
“Throw him out now!”Milan blares over the intercom from the cockpit.
“I think we should let him leave,”Jasper announces,”and Finn, if we ever see you again,we’ll kill you.And FYI, that’s a pretty ridiculous thing,killed your acting teacher?That’s pathetic!”
“Can I get my shit?” Finn asks.
“What shit?!”shouts Lucy,”You just got out of prison, you don’t have any shit!Get the fuck out!”
“WE broke you outta fucking prison and this is how you fucking repay us?!”Bix roars,livid. Finn staggers,backing away down the hall, then suddenly veers into the kitchen.
“Bix, let’s keep an eye on him!”Jasper yells, jogging after Finn into the kitchen. Bix stomps after them, but Jasper reaches the kitchen first, in time to see Finn grabbing a kitchen knife. Jasper draws his gun, pointing it at Finn he orders him to drop the knife. Out of his mind with rage, Finn’s expression begins jumping spastically between being petrified with fear to being a wild eyed psycho killer. Alarmed,Jasper jumps back and screams,”BIX!” Bursting into the kitchen, Bix quick draws his gun, and fires two bullets into Finn’s chest.
Milan lifts the Jia Li from the dock and flies away, gathering speed as he goes. Within moments, he breaks atmo, hurtling away from Liann Jiun before the Alliance enforcers can reach the dock. “Pitch him out the airlock!”Milan calls out over the intercom.
Finn skitters back into the kitchen wall,dropping his knife, then slides to the floor. He lies there, still alive, his face snapping back and forth between terrified and enraged.
”Help me get him to the fucking airlock!”Bix shouts.
Jasper holsters his gun, asking,”But is he dead?”
“Good enough!”growls Bix.
Lucy runs into the kitchen to help. Finn starts flailing, but Jasper manages to grab an arm, while Lucy struggles with his other arm. Finn is kicking like crazy and Bix can’t get a hold of his legs. Lucy drops Finn’s arm and snatches up a cast iron skillet from the stove. Swinging with all her might, she bashes Finn in the head with the heavy skillet. Finn drops like a sack of potatoes to the floor. Bix grins, impressed by Lucy’s skillet wielding prowess, manages to grab Finn by the legs. Together he, Lucy and Jasper drag Finn to the airlock. From the cockpit, Milan opens the entrance door to the airlock and cheers as the others drop the body in. He closes the inner door, then opens the outer door, jettisoning Finn into space. After a brief discussion, they decide to head for Persephone where Milan’s mother should be able to hide them for a few days.



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